Clean Healing Salves & Balms

Wild Thera Balms

A lot of supernatural wonderful healing herbal ingredients packed into one balm. If you or your family members bruise often or just occasionally get this and apply it every time something happens! Amazing!

Mothers Healing Blam 

Mothers Healing Balm is exactly as it sounds. That balm you keep around in case you scrape a knee, get bit by a bug, or get a bee sting. It’s full of many strong healing herbs, hemp, calendula, lavender, witch hazel and ashwagandha root.

Ora’s Amazing Herbal salve 

This salve is packed full of wonderful healing essential oils and plants. It’s like Neosporin but much better. Get it for scrapes or burns to make these heal much faster than if you used nothing. Calendula and Comfrey are have strong healing properties that work and are the first two ingredients listed. Careful not to use it on baby’s or pets because comfrey can be hard on the liver. Grown children and adults are okay though!

Thena Foot Balm

Thena Salve is a foot balm with antifuncal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory herbs in it to help your fungus heal. It will smell wonderful and keep your feet from itching.

The Yellow Bird Foot Cream 

If you have a foot fungus that keeps coming back this is the foot cream for you. It smells good and it works. Every herbal ingredient is intentionallyy used to help your feet heal and fast. 

All Good Goop 

This is a handcrafted healing balm that will help soothe your insect bites, scrapes and wounds, or sunburns. It’s always a good one to have on hand in case an accident happens, and and accident is always unexpected.

Pure Hemp Seed Healing Balm

Organic, vegan and fragrance free, this healing balm has wonderful simple ingredients that are safe for healing dry skin, scrapes, cuts, jock itch and all other skin issues that cause pain.

Medical Miracles Ultra Healing Hemp Salve

Medical Miracles 500mg hemp oil has a small list of normal ingredients. Stuff you’d find in a normal lotion just add hemp grown in Colorado and you have a super pain relieving lotion. This contains Hemp Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract.

Thena H-Salve

Thena Salve soothes and relieves most skin problems if not all. It has our favorite healing herbs in it, Organic St. John’s Wart, Organic Yarrow, Organic Witch Hazel and Organci Arnica. It will help relieve pain and other topical skin issues. 

Wild Thera Pet First Aid Balm

This infused with love healing salve is unscented and works wonders on your pets scratches, rashes, burns, dry nose and paws. It’s full of a long list of gentle natural healing herbs like St. John’s Wart and Chamomile. It even works on babies. It absorbs quickly so that they can’t lick it all off and it’s safe for them to lick. It won’t make them sick to ingest and it smells so good! 

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