The Best Body Scrub with Natural Ingredients

Buena Skin Himalayan scrub

It’s hard to go wrong with a pink Himalayan Scrub with nothing but essential oils, nut oils, and some ground salt. Who isn’t going to love the brand name on this one too! Thank you for speaking Spanish to me! I feel sexy just saying it, Buena Skin, yes, please!

Brooklyn Botany body scrub 

You may not want to put sugar IN your body all the time but you will definitely love putting it all OVER your skin. Add a lot of oil and a beautiful combination of essential oils and it’s like your shower becomes a heavenly sanctuary meant for you to never leave. Kids? What kids? You’re in the shower having a moment to yourself.

M3 Natural Himalayan Scrub 

Collagen is all the rage right now and this scrub is jumping on that trend! I love that it’s another scrub with perfect pure earthy ingredients and recognizable too! Take a calming bath with a scrub like this and feel very peaceful knowing that you are making good decisions for your body and skin health.

Dead Sea Salt body scrub

Not sure what Dead Sea Salt is, but the rest of the ingredients in this are spot on and from mother earth herself. Perhaps we can assume Dead Sea Salt a good thing representing new beginning and regrowth. Who knows maybe it will be the next Himalayan salt craze. Might as well try it and find out what you think before your friends do.

O Naturals Face and Body Scrub

Anything O Naturals makes is wonderful. Their body scrub smells really good, It moisturizes and exfoliates your skin really well with pure natural ingredients. Ingredients include; brown sugar, almond oil, jojoba oil, papaya extract, agave nectar, vitamin E, and grapeseed oil. The jar size is 8.45oz. 

Handcraft Himalayan salt body scrub 

A body scrub that receives outstanding reviews on Amazon and has only safe ingredients. It’s great for sensitive skin and some women have reported it lightened their skin after a few uses. It will make your skin super soft and feel excellent to put on. It’s not too course but will gently exfoliate your beautiful skin.  

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