The Best Organic Skincare Brands List

As people drift towards healthier foods, they also demand beauty products that are safe to use on their skin. A healthier diet is like the gateway drug to healthier skincare. The healthy food trend catapulted the growth and popularity of the organic skincare industry. Otherwise known as natural beauty products, these organic skincare products are loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that prevent skin aging and skin damage.

If you’re one of those that are trying to avoid using products that are high in harmful chemicals and other unsafe ingredients, you’ve come to the right place. Below are the top 5 premium skincare brands in the world that you want to know about.

Henné Organics

The Swedish inspired, but the U.S made Henné Organics was founded in 2015 to replace the existing harmful lip care products. Founder, Laura Xiao bases her company on values such as simplicity in the appreciation of beauty. A brand that seeks to mimic indie beauty, their luxury lip products exceed every woman’s expectation and dream.

Henne Organics has beautiful lip tints, lip treatments, lip exfoliators and lip balms. All products are made from natural ingredients like, essential oils, organic crystals, vitamin E and Beeswax. Check out everything they have on Amazon. 

Beauty by Earth

One look at the customer reviews and you’ll to see why Beauty by Earth ranks among the best natural skin care brands. Every ingredient added to its wide range of products is considered safe and effective for maintaining healthy skin. While using products by Beauty by Earth, you no longer have to worry about GMO’s, chemicals and gluten.

They offers self tannerface wash, facial scrub, bath bombs, eye cream and a lot of other skincare product for your face, lips, body and hair. If you like cruelty-free and safe products, then check out everything they have on amazon.

Wild Thera

With Wild Thera, it goes beyond beauty as it strives to assist with other health conditions and ailments. For instance, it offers Baby Balms that are specifically for the baby, which help diaper rash. They have a triple threat package for mothers that includes a Breast Massage Balm, a Headcooling balm, and nausea soothing balm. They treat Varicose Veins, Sore Muscles and Join Pain. They even have a Beard Balm for men. None of the ingredients in here are harmful or questionable. Everything is extremely safe for you and your family.

They also offer a Paw and Nose balm for pets. They have a natural remedy for all the every day problems we see. Get the full scoop on Wild Thera products on amazon.  

Majestic Pure

Majestic Pure easily ranks among the top natural skincare brands for a myriad of reasons. They offer high-quality skincare products at an affordable price, and they offer awesome skincare advice on their website The products they offer include shampoos and conditioner, scrubs, a 24k Gold Facial Mask, that is affordable, therapeutic grade essential oils and other wonderful, 100% clean and safe skincare products.

All their products contain pure natural ingredients that promote skin healing benefits. If you choose to use products by Majestic Pure, you no longer have to worry about harsh or adverse side effects like breaking out in a rash or something awful like that.

Brooklyn Botany

Brooklyn Botany has an abundance of body scrubs with good, edible ingredients. This brand was created to enhance self-care and self-love that is wholesome and beneficial to your well-being. Their products are a wide range of different types of scrubs that boast of flavor, scent and healing properties. Check these scrubs out on Amazon. This is the perfect addition to experiencing an ideal spa moment right in the comfort of your home. 


HAN is a makeup brand that centers its foundation on non-toxic ingredients. It’s aiming to cut across today’s market and provide a safe alternative to the majority of chemical loaded products out there. Unlike most natural skincare brands, HAN Skin Care Cosmetics has high-quality products at an affordable price. 

HAN aims to ensure that you get a chance to take care of your skin properly and look beautiful too. Their products are free from harmful ingredients and chemicals such as Talc, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance and Carmine. See a list of all the harmful ingredients found in beauty products. Instead, HAN is loaded with skin healing properties such as rice powder, plant and vegetable pigments, argan oil and shea butter. This is exactly what we need in our makeup. 

HAN offers eyeshadow, cheek and lip tint, bronzer, lip gloss, illuminator and concealer

Ora’s Amazing Herbal

Ora’s a thriving organic skincare brand based in New Zealand, offering natural skincare products to nourish and heal your skin. By using the Mamaku extract as the base of all their skincare ingredients, all their products are powerfully effective in producing the desired result. Hence, Ora’s easily ranks as one of the best natural skincare brands, therefore, it’s ideal for every skin type.  

Some of what they have is a pure and simple baby powder, a tattoo salve, an all purpose salve, a vegan natural body oil and a New Mom Natural Skincare Set that’s perfect for a baby shower! Get more of Ora’s Amazing Herbal stuff on Amazon

True Glue

True Glue is an organic skincare brand that is mostly known for its natural lash adhesive in pink and natural lash adhesive in white. Made out of organic and non-toxic materials, the True Glue Lash Adhesive is the first of its kind. It caters for a wide market, with it’s natural ingredients not only working to attach the lash extensions to the eyelid but benefiting the lashes themselves. 

By using this product, you no longer have to worry about damaging your lashes, or the skin around your eyelids.   

Easily find these brands among the best organic skincare products reviews online. With such brands producing natural skincare products with our welfare in mind, we can rest easy knowing that our health is not compromised. Support these pioneers doing right by us and buy their products instead of those companies who care more about their bottom line than they do our health.