Why Meat, Cheese, and Sugar is Your Guilty Pleasure: It’s Marketing

You drive past a gas station, and a big banner is plastered on the window displaying a donut, a cookie, a hamburger, and a hot dog. Commercials and coupons are all for fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants only serve meat, cheese, and dessert. Unless you are in a major city, you can’t find a vegan meal at a restaurant. Not even with a salad. 

You turn on the Food Network Channel, and all you see are shows teaching you how to cook a good plate of meat and cheese, or a beautiful, decadent party cake and cupcakes. You can’t get away from it because meat, cheese, and sugar are in your face everywhere.   


To be a Meathead or to be a Vegan

Meat is really good for us but not in large quantities. The human body cannot survive without it. If one does, they must take a Vitamin B supplement to avoid depression and lethargy. Vitamin B is only found in animal food products or some obscure yeast topping that no one has heard of except vegans. 

It is essential to include meat in your diet, but an average small-sized female can go three weeks without eating meat before it’s time for her to re-up on her Vitamin B. Eating the equivalent of one burger per week is plenty for a decent sized man. We don’t need to be eating as much meat as we are. Every day is unnecessary. 


The Tale of Dairy and Cheese

It’s a myth that the probiotics in yogurt help women get rid of yeast infections. It actually makes this condition worse. Adding probiotics to yogurt is only a marketing tactic by dairy companies to get you to consume more yogurt. 

Fast food restaurants are paid to use and market cheese on everything they make. The government pays cow farmers to produce more cheese, and now we have too much. To get rid of it and fast, they give discounts to food distributors and manufacturers for using cheese in their recipes. Tisk-tisk.


The Reality of Sugar 

Major food companies pay the universities to scientifically prove that sugar is okay for you and to cover up the fact that it is not at all. 

Have you ever gone a significant amount of time without meat, dairy or sugar in your diet and then added it back? 

If you take out sugar for three months and then add it back, in a large quantity, say 3 or 4 small candy bars, you will be so high that your body feels like it’s vibrating, your laughing and smiling because your mood is elevated and you feel nearly no pain. That is the effect sugar has on your body. It’s like taking a drug. After you come down off that high, you experience sadness, depression, stomach aches, and major fatigue. The food companies don’t want you to know about any of this because it is in everything to make it taste good and addicting, adding more money to their bottom line and pockets. 

Refined sugar companies also don’t want you to know about the long list of medical conditions that sugar causes either. It’s so harmful to our immune system, and the list of medical conditions it contributes too is too long for the purposes of this blog. 

Take note that for every 100 products on the shelves at our supermarkets, you will only find one without sugar, and instead, it has a large amount of white flour, dairy, and salt.

It’s impossible to be completely sugar-free. You have to have the will power of a deity. The science does prove that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Which is confirmed when you consider how many people eat sugar every day compared to those who do cocaine. It’s everyone, versus a small percent of the human population who choose to partake in drugs.   

Sugar is the biggest enemy on this list. If there is one thing you can completely eliminate from your diet, it’s sugar. There is absolutely no nutritional value to it. Most of us find ourselves drinking coffee to counteract the high and low we get from sugar. Everything about sugar is wrong. 

Some might say fruit is sugar, and that is bad! It’s not! The natural sugar you get from a piece of fruit or vegetable comes with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Refined sugar is processed and turned into something that is not natural and harming our bodies. 


What about carbs?

Carbs are good for you in small amounts too. Truly, everything is good for you in small quantities. Rice, noodles, fresh bread without added sugar, and potatoes, these are all wonderful tasty carbs that give us necessary energy. 

Incorporating more fresh herbs and spices into your diet is an excellent way to boost the impact food has on your health. These also make your food taste way better. Get away from the salt and pepper. Feel free to still use salt and pepper but less of it and add some cumin, turmeric, oregano, thyme, and other herbs too. They make our meals so much richer in taste, smell, and appearance. 


What do you think? Why can’t you stop eating sugar? Have you tried? Please tell your story!


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