Reviewing Safe All Natural Skin Care Products


It’s important to use natural skin care because everything you put onto your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, which circulates throughout your entire body and effects every cell. A large McDonalds french fry is better for you than some of the ingredients being used in cosmetics and beauty products today. McDonald’s is at least edible. We’ve sorted through the junk food and found you the best natural skin care products out there. Enjoy shopping these all natural skin care products with a peace of mind that you’re taking care of your body from the outside-in.

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner

This is the best bronzer you will find, and the only self tanner without harmful ingredients. It’s all natural and it’s good for your skin. The ingredient Dihydroxyacetone is the only unsafe ingredient in here but this is what makes you tan and you can’t have a self-tanner without it.  All other self tanning solutions add unnecessary chemicals to their lotions. Some of the key ingredients in the Beauty by Earth self tanner are shea butter, aloe leaf juice, coconut oil, and green leaf tea extract. Beauty by Earth also has a wonderful natural Sunscreen and a Facial Sunscreen that we highly recommend. 

Beauty by Earth Body Wash 

Their body wash comes in two scents, Lavender-Citrus and Peppermint-Tea Tree.  Don’t expect it to lather because this is a high-quality clean soap with only wonderful and practically edible ingredients. It won’t leave your skin dry, nor irritate it, for those of us with sensitive skin. It smells very heavenly too without being overpowering. This one of the best body soaps you will find. See all natural body wash and soaps.

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Bar Soap 

One use and your man will be a Dr. Squatch bar soap fan forever! Their soap smells so good and comes in many masculine scents. The Pine Tar is the most popular, Dr. Squatch also has Bay Rum and Cedar Citrus,  they have so many we can’t list each scent here. Check out all our natural skin care products for men. Dr. Squatch is an all natural soap with safe ingredients so you feel like your taking proper care of your man and keeping him healthy. 

Underarmed Deodorant

Natural deodorant is the most sought after natural skin care product. Underarmed is a fine organic and aluminum-free natural . It doesn’t leave any residue on your clothing, not even black clothes and it smells really wonderful. The Jasmine and Rose scent is very feminine and it makes you want to smell your arm pits just because you smell that good. They use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to kill your underarm bacteria and keep you smelling good for longer. They instructions suggest using a thin layer and the scent is strong enough that two swipes is all you need. 

Soothing Touch Lip Blam 

You can find Soothing Touch lip balms at some natural health food stores or amazon. They have many flavors and each that we have tried has been tasty and moisturizing. Because the ingredients are so pure and natural in these balms, your lips heal after using these and you don’t need to keep coming back for more, all day long. It’s one and done! All the ingredients in here are edible and safe for consumption, unlike generic lip balms. See all the chapsticks and lip products that we love. Lip balm is one of our favorite natural skin products to use. 

Ora’s Amazing Herbal salve 

This salve is packed full of wonderful healing essential oils and plants. It’s like Neosporin but much better. Get it for scrapes or burns to make these heal much faster, compared to using nothing. Calendula and Comfrey are the first two herbs listed in the ingredients and packed full of natural antibiotics. Calendula and Comfrey are the most prominent herbs and each has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well.  Careful not to use this natural skin care product on baby’s or pets because comfrey can be hard on the liver. Grown children and adults are okay though! See all healing salves and balms.

HAN Cheek and Lip Tint

HAN is a natural non-toxic ingredient, safe makeup brand. This is the Cherry Cosmos, they also have a darker red called Rose Berry and a light pink called Coral Hibiscus. Check those out on our clean makeup page. It goes on really smooth, isn’t greasy and lasts all day. It’s also quite affordable compared to other natural brands like it who charge $30-$40 for lip and cheek tint. The HAN brand is one of our favorite all natural skin care products line.

HAN all-natural eyeshadow 

HAN has 9 shades of eyeshadow and this one is the only with a little sparkle in it. Each is a really pretty tone. The ingredients in here are purely plant-based and beneficial to your skin. You will never experience a skin irritation from odd ingredients often found in generic brands. Similar to their other products, it’s quite affordable when compared to other natural skin care products like it. See a list of all our clean makeup reviews.

True Glue all-natural eyelash adhesive

The True Glue is the only natural adhesive on the market. No one else is doing this. Because of its safe ingredients, it’s easy to wash off and won’t cause an allergic reaction. It’s strong enough to keep your lashes on all day too. Key ingredients include; rose flower water, chamomile extract, biotin, pullulan and castor oil.

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